Meetings without Masks

Are you weary of first dates, internet dating sites, speed dating and lonely heart socials?  Tired of blind dates and well-meaning friends who introduce you to a potential partner? Do you long for a different way of meeting people?   Perhaps you have become too comfortable with being single and don’t even try now?


Want something different with more honesty where you can really get know a potential partner?  Then, why not try Meetings Without Masks  - a completely new way of meeting people of the opposite sex?  Meetings Without Masks has been successfully run in London for a number of years by relationship expert and coach, Jan Day.   This open hearted workshop is now in Cambridge and the next date is Sunday 23 June 2013 from 10 30 am to 6 00 pm at a beautiful venue just on the outskirts of Cambridge
Future dates are Sunday 13 October 2013


This is a one day workshop whether the invitation is to explore what you want in that special relationship in a structured and safe environment.  An invitation to meet men and women in different ways in an honest and authentic way.  There are lots of fun, heart-centred exercises to help you open up and enjoy the day fully.  Each day is carefully gender-balanced and there is a fun and safe way of leaving your contact details for people you are interested in getting to know better.


Go on, take a risk.  Even if you don’t find the man or woman or your dreams this time round, you will learn some different ways of relating to each other as men and women which will be invaluable in your future dates.  And you will almost certainly find connections with like minded people of both genders.


If you go to you will find further details.  Interested and can’t wait to sign up?  Click this link to register  and you will be on your way to enjoying a fun-filled and open-hearted day with the potential of finding an interesting mate.   But Hurry!  If you book before the early bird, the cost is £39 instead of £49.  If you want to have a delicious lunch and afternoon tea and cakes, there is an additional cost of £15.  There are also standby places available at £24 –please call me on 07999 842905 for details and any other questions you may have  You can also email me at