Intro to Living Tantra

Introduction to Living Tantra

A residential weekend workshop, Buckden, nr Cambridge

 with Louise de Caux

7 - 9 March 2013

           Have you ever wondered what Tantra is all about? 

·         Well, here’s an invitation to a gentle tip toe into the Tantra world.

Introduction to Living Tantra invites you to say hello to and welcome all that you feel as man or woman in this physical body. It is a gentle and playful introduction into the realm of Living Tantra: into feeling your natural desires, exploring your boundaries, expressing your wants and needs, learning to ask for what you want, discovering different types of touch and loving yourself more fully.

During the weekend you will meet and connect with others in a safe and nourishing space where you can relax into discovering your way of being intimate as this man or this woman.  You will be supported to open your heart rather than shut down and to say a deeper and softer hello to who you are.  You will be supported in your boundaries which will be respected at all times.

The aim of Living Tantra is to give you a space where you can learn and grow into celebrating your natural, healthy sexuality with ease, playfulness, tenderness, consciousness, integrity and joy.   It is for both singles and couples who want to experience richer relationships, deeper intimacy and more authentic connection with others.

Louise is an experienced workshop facilitator and coach.  She is a HeartMath coach and Licensed teacher of the Art of Being.  Louise has been working  with and assisting Jan Day for the last 10 years and brings  her unique heartfelt style to this introduction to Living Tantra workshop.  Participants can go on to attend more of Jan’s Living Tantra work .


The workshop is being held at The Claret Centre, Buckden Towers – an amazing 15 acre estate  20 miles from Cambridge, which offers seclusion and tranquillity

Workshop fees are £140 (early booking by  14 February 2014); £160 full price.  Some concessions available; please ask if you are interested.

Food and accommodation for the weekend:  £110 for single room and £90 for shared twin room.


To book, or to find out more call Louise de Caux 07999 842905 email:

Send cheque for full fee  payable to People in Step Ltd, 41 Fitzgerald Close, Ely, Cambs CB7 4QB