Simply Being a Woman

A weekend to explore who you are as a Woman

Dates and Venue to be Advised

Simply Being a WomanYou're a busy woman, wanting to have it all – work, home, love,  play, a loving relationship. However, the reality is, you're sacrificing yourself for work and for your family. You feel lost and overwhelmed with all the things you have to do, burnt out, possibly dead inside. You have lost the connection to your heart, to your body, to who you are as a woman.  Behind your everyday mask of normality, what nobody knows, is that you are vulnerable, tender and human, scared of losing yourself completely and that you long to be in touch with your heart and who you are as a woman.  


You’d like to feel more alive, to feel your feminine sexuality.  And so you've tried various things: talking with your women friends, retail therapy, psychotherapy, connecting therapy, massage therapy, ‘ignoring this problem’ therapy.  Some things have helped but there is still this empty aching part of you that is calling to be satisfied.


It’s now the time to turn to your own inner resources and to connect to your feminine intuition and heart intelligence to discover who you are as  a vibrant, alive sexual woman.  To shine the way that you were meant to shine.    Now it’s time to try something different.  To be a in a place where you can be authentic and accepted for who you are.  In a non-judgemental environment where you can say anything – even the most unthinkable thing that you can think of – something that you have never told anyone else.  A place where it is safe to be unsafe.


During this weekend,we will be working together as an intimate group of women -  sharing our stories, visioning our future and culminating in a celebration of our own uniqueness as a  WOMAN.  We will be using circle work, storytelling, art, meditation, connecting with nature, dance and movement and gentle touch to open up our senses, to connect to our hearts and to come home to our birthright - living the joy and aliveness which comes from embracing everything that we are as a WOMAN.


My name is Louise de Caux and I've worked for many years in Human Resources and experienced first hand the soulless atmosphere that is often experienced in today’s workplace. I have burnt out twice along the way.  I have lost touch with anything but work – it cost me my connections with my family, a loving relationship and my health.  I longed for something different and I found it through my work in dance, tantra, soul responding and coaching.  I am a trained Coach and Counsellor, and a Licensed Teacher of the Art of Being.   I run workshops for men and women  and have a coaching practice  to help men and women to find and embrace their aliveness and joy.


To find out more, call me on + 44 7999 842905 between the hours of 10 am and 6 00 pm  or send me an email at registering your interest with ‘Simply Being a Woman’ as the subject line and I will get back to you by return.